Canterbury Balustrade Health and Safety Policy

Canterbury Balustrade is committed to the protection of its employees, its property and other people from accidental injury or damage from work carried out by and on behalf of the company and adopts health, safety, and welfare as a fundamental business objective.

To meet this commitment:

  • Management will comply with all relevant health and safety legislation, standards, and codes of practice.
  • Management will support and encourage employee consultation and participation in health and safety.
  • Management will support the safe and early return to work of injured employees.
  • Ensuring the accurate and timely reporting and recording of all workplace incidents and unsafe conditions.
  • Management will promote a system of continuous improvement.
  • Ensure adequate resources are allocated to plan, review and develop.

Every Worker is expected to share in this commitment to health and safety in the workplace by:

  • Observing all safe work procedures, rules, and instructions
  • Taking an active role in the company’s treatment and rehabilitation plan, to ensure a safe and early return to work
  • Ensuring all incidents, injuries hazards, and risks are accurately reported to the appropriate person
  • Wearing PPE as required


  • For the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, click here

Site Safe Membership

Canterbury Balustrade Ltd is a member of Site Safe which assists construction businesses to improve their health and safety culture; controlling hazards and reducing injuries. Site Safe is membership-based, not-for-profit, and our services cater to the entire construction and related industries. The Site Safe team of health and safety professionals offers safety systems, training, consultancy, audits, and resources. Our staff are all holders of The Building Construction Passport for the building construction industry.

Site Safe’s vision is to be:

‘the leading advocate for improving the culture of safety in the construction industry.’

Site Safe exists to:

  • Promote a culture of health and safety in the New Zealand construction industry
  • Create conditions in which health and safety can prosper throughout construction contract agreement chains

The Building Construction Passport

The passport is a four-hour course designed to improve safety awareness and the actions of everyone working on a construction site. Many companies have made the Site Safe Passport a standard of entry to their sites.

The primary goal of the Passport is to stop injuries. This is achieved by learning about safety responsibilities and by applying what is learned and acting safely on site, despite the everyday pressures placed on workers. The course is highly interactive to maintain trainee interest whether you are a 20-year industry veteran or a new laborer. The course includes tools that enable positive employer-employee interaction that can be used to improve safety performance and efficiency.

Improving Safety Knowledge

To ensure Participants are kept up-to-date with developments in health and safety, and to ensure their health and safety knowledge continues to improve, Passport holders are required to complete a refresher course every two years.

Safety Glass

To minimise the chances of injury, the building code requires that glass that is used in areas where there is a chance of human impact must be Safety Glass. Safety glass comes in two main forms, toughened glass, and laminated glass.

Toughened Glass

Canterbury Balustrade Toughened Safety Glass

Is glass that has been heated and then rapidly cooled, resulting in glass that is four to five times stronger than ordinary glass and if broken forms small granules.

Laminated Glass

Canterbury Balustrade Laminated Safety Glass

Comprises two or more layers of glass permanently bonded together with an interlayer or resin. If broken, the interlayer is designed to hold the glass together.