Glass Doors & Screens

We offer various fixing options for frameless glass doors, including floor-mounted self-closer which eliminates the requirement for a floor cut-out.

Our product range suits pivot doors as well as sliding, stacking and bi-folding door systems. We also stock a complementary range of glass door locks, latches and pull handles.

Move the glass to suit the elements. Enjoy your outdoors, any day, any season.

Alfresco Glazing is a long-standing European concept, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor covered living space regardless of the elements. With aluminium horizontal tracks in the roof and floor holding the vertically spanning glass panes, there are no vertical posts to obstruct the view. The retractable glass panes slide along the track, pivot at the exit point and completely stack away to the side.

All aluminium can be finished in a range of colours to suit the project.

These screen systems are manufactured and exclusively distributed throughout New Zealand

Features of Clear Edge Glass Screens include:

  • Multiple configurations available – straight, around corners, open inwards or outwards, open left, right or both ways
  • Suitable for heights up to 2800mm
  • Flush track option to prevent trip hazards
  • Sleek aluminium frame
  • Lock mechanism available – additional security for your home, but can also be used for shop fronts
  • Stocked and fabricated in NZ
  • Uses Safety Toughened Glass at 10mm, 12mm or 15mm thick
  • The system is top-hung so requires an overhead roof/louvre structure, suitable to support the loads of the glazing
Ascot aluminium balustrade top fixing
Ascot aluminium balustrade top fixing