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There are a number of options and styles suited to the design of windbreaks, usually this involves glass spanning between structural posts, or frame-less glass where suited.

Specific designs are required to meet site specific wind loading and or the type or style for the location of the windbreaks.

This can be worked through with you to achieve the most suitable outcome for your specific project and budget.

  • Glass windbreaks maximise your locations view and perception of space, while providing security and safety.
  • Our independently offered windbreakss provide an enduring architectural feature that will enhance and add value to your home.
  • There are various ways we can fit glass balustrades, all of which comply with specifications and requirements of the building codes.
  • We can offer a full range of windbreaks and hardware to meet your specific project budget.

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 Windbreaks Various Styles  [wpdm_file id=7]


Vetro – Posts and glass flush finish with no handrail provides a barrier with minimal obstruction to your view. The crisp clean lines of the exposed top and lower edges of the glass capture the frameless look and are typically more economical.

Vetro Semi Frameless Balustrade


Spectra – Posts with top mounted handrail and mid positioned glass. is similar to Vetro, yet provides an additional top rail for comfort. The sleek #ART Top Rail is the standard option for this style, but the #VRT, #VRE and #VRR can also be used at typically no extra cost.

Spectra Semi Frameless Balustrade

Custom post & tab – Posts with tap style fixing for glass retention. There are various styles and options available for fixing glass panels between or within posts creating specific building design features. Clamps are generally “off the shelf” stainless steel purpose designed for various situations. Custom designs can also be employed when and if required.

Canterbury Balustrade Windbreaks

Canterbury Balustrade Windbreaks


Face fixed stand-off fittings – are generally stainless steel, bolt-on fixings for fixing through the toughened glass via holes in the glass. Suitable for both, internal and external applications fittings are available in various sizes, as well as a square option to cater for different architectural styles. Fittings can also be powder coater or concealed.

Canterbury Balustrade | Windbreaks |Face fixed stand-off fittings

Canterbury Balustrade | Windbreaks |Face fixed stand-off fittings

Canterbury Balustrade | Windbreaks |Face fixed stand-off fittings

Clamp channels – are typically a heavy duty, powder-coated aluminium extrusion with cover plates and bolt assembled.

Being independent means we can offer you a variety of top or side fixed options to suit your specific project and all channels can be coloured to suit your setting requirements.

Canterbury Balustrade | Windbreaks | Top fixed clamp channel

Canterbury Balustrade | Windbreaks | Top fixed clamp channel

 Safa-Slat system – infill for balustrades and screens.

The new aluminium Safa-Slat system – a stylish structural infill for balustrades and screens. Designed for privacy and shelter, engineered for safety and compliance, Safa-Slat takes outdoor living on your deck to a new level [wpdm_file id=6]

Safa Slat

Canterbury Balustrade | Safa Slat | Screens