Custom Balustrades

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Our custom balustrades are created in your dreams and realised in our workshops. We can create your balaustrades out of a range of materials, giving them frames or leaving them frameless depending on your requirements and their position. If views are important, we can create something of pure glass which gives you strength and security without intruding on your scenery.


Stainless steel balustrades

Fabricated from various options of 316 grade stainless steel material sections, this style provides durability and the option of a high shine or a brushed finish. The posts can be either side-mounted to the face of the decking, or top-mounted to suit each project.

Mild steel balustrades

Fabricated from various options of mild steel material sections, including ornate wrought iron styles. Various finishes are available on request and the posts can be either side-mounted to the face of the decking, or top-mounted to suit each project

Infill options for both Mild Steel and Stainless Steal

  • Toughened glass panels of various styles. Where privacy is required, a portion, or all of the glass can be frosted.
  • Vertical balusters, round or square
  • Stainless steel wire tensioned between horizontal rails

Retro fitting existing voids and balustrades to make safe

Existing situations may be suited to retrofitting of new materials rather than full deconstruction to allow for new fixing system. Engineers are usually called for in these cases.

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