Aluminium Pool Fences

General Information

We offer a large range of aluminium construction pool fences and gates to suit your specific project be it residential or comercial.

Our pool fences are designed to last in kiwi conditions and are constructed of materials specfic to your location and project. Aluminium pool fences are suitable for coastal areas (unlike steel, galvanised or otherwise) and all fixings are stainless steel. Dulux Duralloy or Duratec powder-coat finishes are recommended and come with the Dulux 10 year warranty. With these lasting materials, you’ll be enjoying your boundary for years to come.

Independent advice is available on a variety of styles and fixing options, talk to one of our specialists for more information. Dont forget to look at our portfilio and check back as we’re always adding more!

Gates with self closing hinges are available which comply with the requirements of the NZ Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 Depending on the nature of the pool surroundings or decking; Independent advice is available on a variety of fixing options to suit your particular project.

For a checklist of pool fencing requirements, as specified under the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987, click here.



We offer a cost effective designed systems with a comprehensive selection of styles which are ideal for the contemporary home or commercial project. Constructed from low maintenance materials, the panel design styles provide you with flexible options while delivering safety and peace of mind.

When you have specific design requirements for a project, our range of custom made tubular fencing has every situation covered. Constructed from galvanised steel or aluminium with durable protective coatings, our custom range can be supplied in a wide variety of styles and colours for fencing schools, commercial properties and residential developments.

Example pool fences


Canterbury Balustrade | Delta Fences


Canterbury Balustrade |Vecta Fences


Canterbury Balustrade | Polo Fences


Canterbury Balustrade | Loop-Top Fences


Canterbury Balustrade | Loop & Spear Fences


Canterbury Balustrade | Traditional Spear Fences


Canterbury Balustrade | Classic Spear Fences


Canterbury Balustrade | Hi-Lo Spear Fences


Canterbury Balustrade | Polo Spear Fences


Canterbury Balustrade | Polo & Cross Fences


Canterbury Balustrade | Polo & Ring Fences


Canterbury Balustrade | Polo Ring & Cross Fences

Alternative Baluster Tip Options – In place of polymer button tip there is a choice of cast tips as shown below

Canterbury Balustrade | Fencing Tips

Canterbury Balustrade | Aluminium Fence Parts

Additional Options

Matching Gates
Available as hinged or sliding with automation options available.
Canterbury Balustrade | Delta Fences

Swimming Pool Safety Locks
Full options available for safety locks to meet regulations for swimming pool fences.
Canterbury Balustrade | Delta Fences

Bolt-Down Posts
Bolt-down posts for installing on concrete or timber surfaces
Canterbury Balustrade | Delta Fences

Feature Posts
Large custom made posts available
Canterbury Balustrade | Delta Fences

Custom Colours 
Many different powder coated colours available to match you buildings or your landscape plan.
Canterbury Balustrade | Delta Fences

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Aluminium Pool Fences
We offer a large range of aluminium construction fences and gates with self closing hinges are available all of which comply with the requirements of the NZ Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987
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